Exactly what is a Virtual Data Pipeline?

As info flows between applications and processes, it needs to be gathered from numerous sources, moved across systems and consolidated in one place for processing. The process of gathering, transporting and processing the info is called click this link now a virtual data canal. It usually starts with consuming data right from a resource (for example, database updates). Then it ways to its destination, which may be an information warehouse to get reporting and analytics or an advanced data lake meant for predictive analytics or equipment learning. Along the route, it undergoes a series of transformation and processing measures, which can incorporate aggregation, blocking, splitting, blending, deduplication and data duplication.


A typical canal will also experience metadata linked to the data, which can be used to trail where it came from and how it was processed. This can be utilized for auditing, security and compliance purposes. Finally, the pipe may be delivering data being a service to other users, which is often referred to as the “data as a service” model.

IBM’s family of test out data managing solutions comes with Virtual Data Pipeline, which supplies application-centric, SLA-driven motorisation to improve application advancement and tests by decoupling the administration of test duplicate data coming from storage, network and web server infrastructure. It lets you do this by simply creating electronic copies of production data to use for development and tests, even though reducing the time to provision and refresh these data copies, which can be about 30TB in proportions. The solution as well provides a self-service interface for the purpose of provisioning and reclaiming electronic data.

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